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Anti Estrogens

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Anti-estrogens are substances used to slow down the conversion of testosterone into the female sex hormones, estrogens. They are usually combined with the use of anabolic steroids as they inhibit the process of converting testosterone into estrogen, which allows you to increase the level of the male hormone. This, in turn, reduces estrogenic side effects, stimulates the growth of muscle mass and more…

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What Are The Effects Of Anti-Estrogens?

It is necessary to buy antiestrogens in order to normalize the level of estradiol in the blood. This female sex hormone is present in the body of any man. It can only be obtained by converting testosterone with the participation of the aromatase enzyme. When estradiol levels are disturbed, the aromatization process begins, and this can lead to the manifestation of negative consequences in the form of swelling, oppression of sexual function, gynecomastia, etc. The use of steroid drugs often leads to aromatization, and therefore it is necessary to use antiestrogens to prevent this process.

What Types of Anti-Estrogens Are There?

There are 3 types of substances used to reduce the process of aromatization. These are selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs), steroidal anti-estrogens and aromatase inhibitors (AIs). They all differ in their mechanism of action, and when or if they are used depends on the steroids used in the cycle. The most popular drugs that are used by bodybuilders are Tamoxifen and Clomid, which are SERMs and are often taken after a cycle of anabolic steroids. Other common drugs used are Letrozole, Exemestane, Anastrozole (AIs) and Proviron, which is a steroidal anti-estrogen. These drugs can be taken during or after a cycle of steroids.

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