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Sustanon is a mix of testosterone esters, which was first launched by Organon. Available as an oil solution.

Sustanon contains 4 types of testosterone

  • 100mg Testosterone Decanoate.
  • 60mg Testosterone Isocaproate.
  • 60mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate.
  • 30mg Testosterone Propionate.

Sustanon 250 effects

  • Muscle gain.
  • Appetite improves.
  • Increased libido – during admission.
  • Blood formation increases, the number of red blood cells increases. As a result – increased stamina.
  • The drug is in the blood for up to 3 months.

Side effects of the Sust 250

  • Edema (water retention in the body).
  • Gynecomastia.
  • Deposition of “female” fats.
  • Slowing down natural testosterone production. It is possible to reduce the effect of these side effects if antiestrogens are used along with the drug.
  • Reduction of testicles in size. This can be avoided without using the drug for longer than 2 months and without using antiestrogens.

The drug can not be prescribed in case of:

  • Cancer suspicions of any etymology.
  • Sensitivity to different components of the drug.
  • In pediatrics – for children under the age of three.

The combination of the Sustanon with other Steroids

  • Nandrolone. If you want to gain muscle mass.
  • Winstrol. If your goal is body relief and cutting.

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