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Manufacturer: Eminence Labs
Category: Oral Steroids
Substance: Oxandrolone (Anavar)
Package: 10mg (50 pills)


What is OxanPrime by Eminence Labs?

Oxandrolone is a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derivative, although this anabolic steroid has nothing in common with its parent. Oxandrolone, commonly called Anavar, does not show androgenic activity at all, is not an antiestrogen, does not contribute to the development of acne, excess hair growth on the body and hair loss on the head. It does not even increase aggression at all.

What are the effects?

Anavar has two very remarkable properties. First, it is able to dramatically increase the synthesis of creatine phosphate by muscle fibers, which can give a fairly good increase in strength, practically without leading to an increase in mass. And secondly, Anavar is the most powerful anti-catabolic of all androgens and anabolic steroids (AAS), it suppresses the synthesis and secretion of cortisol.

The latter feature makes Anavar practically obligatory for use during the period of post-cycle therapy (PCT), when the level of cortisol, as a rule, is markedly increased. In addition, it is not a bad idea to periodically include Oxandrolone in a mass-gaining course. Finally, Anavar will be most beneficial during drying because it significantly accelerates lipolysis, especially in the abdominal region, and it also helps to remove excess water from the body.

What dosages should be used?

Primarily, high dosages of Oxandrolone are completely unnecessary, 20-40mg per day, divided into 2-3 doses, will be enough. The optimal dose for women is 10-20mg per day.

Based on the characteristics of Anavar, it is not recommended to take it longer than 6 weeks in a row, after which you need to take a break of the same duration.

What are the best combinations?

As already mentioned, Anavar can be used during the period of muscle gain, and during the drying period, and in the interval between the courses of hormonal drugs. To solve the first of the listed tasks, Anavar should be combined with testosterone, this is an ideal combination that will bring benefits to both beginners and experienced athletes.

During drying, the optimal combination of Oxandrolone with Boldenone, oral Turinabol, Drostanolone or Methenolone (Primobolan) can be considered. Finally, during PCT, it can be used either alone or in combination with Methenolone.

What are the potential side effects?

Anavar could be called an absolutely safe anabolic steroid as it has practically no effect on the body’s secretion of its own testosterone, does not provoke gynecomastia, acne, etc. “but” …

First, it irritates the gastrointestinal tract quite strongly. True, this only applies to high dosages of Oxandrolone from 80-100 mg per day and above, but, nevertheless, this cannot be neglected.

And secondly, prolonged suppression of cortisol secretion can be harmful and a pronounced feeling of fatigue may occur, sleep will be disturbed, and blood pressure will drop. In addition, inflammation will not be suppressed, so that the slightest damage to the ligaments or joints can result in a rather serious injury. At the same time, the strength indicators naturally fall. That is why it is not recommended to take Anavar for more than 6 weeks in a row.

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