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Gel steroids are androgens such as Testosterone which are produced in the form of an alcoholic gel. Testosterone gel is generally prescribed to men with a deficiency in endogenous testosterone in order raise their testosterone levels without then need for injections. The gel is applied to the skin where it is absorbed and enters the bloodstream which increases the level of testosterone within the body.

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What Are the Effects of Gel Steroids?

Although testosterone used in the form of a gel will increase testosterone levels to a lesser extent than the other forms, there will be a more uniform flow of the hormone in the blood. Also, the effects of testosterone gel are the same as any other type of testosterone. It will strengthen bones, improve the health of the heart and blood. It will reduce body fat and increase muscle mass. Testosterone gel will also increase libido and improve the overall mood of the user.

What Types of Gel Steroids Are There?

The most common type of testosterone gel comes in sachets which contain 1% of testosterone per sachet. This is the most convenient form of testosterone gel as it easy to separate the dosage for each application. You can find the recommended dosage and information on how to correctly use each of our products, in the product description of the chosen drug.

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