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Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Category: Anti Estrogens
Substance: Tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex)
Package: 20mg (50 pills)


What is Altamofen-20 by Alpha Pharma?

Tamoxifen is one of the most powerful and popular drugs that has received worldwide recognition among representatives of strength sports. In addition to its affordable cost this drug’s effect does not cause virilization and other similar unpleasant side effects. Tamoxifen, produced by the Indian pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma, is one of the most popular drugs for PCT. The active components of this drug do an excellent job of blocking estrogen-type receptors, but, unfortunately, they do not have any effect on aromatization suppressing.

The properties of this drug are very similar to Clomid. In practice, many athletes decide to use Clomid on PCT instead of Tamoxifen, or vice versa very rarely. However, on courses of taking anabolic steroids with progestogenic properties, such as Nandrolone or Trenbolone, of course, it is better to opt for Clomid.

What are the effects?

The main effects associated with taking Tamoxifen, while following the prescriptions of a specialist, include the following results:

  • Increase in physical fitness and activity indicators;
  • Improving firmness and giving the gained mass attractiveness;
  • Getting rid of fatty deposits.

Also, the drug has quite strong anti-estrogenic properties and effectively restores the liver at the same time. Thanks to the use of this tool on the PCT course, the development of gynecomastia can be prevented and excluded.

What dosages should be used?

Many athletes, in particular beginners, often ask how to take Tamoxifen to get the maximum effect. This drug becomes efficient after completing a course of anabolic steroids. However, in some cases, the drug is used directly during the course. The course of Tamoxifen together with Proviron is especially popular.

Tamoxifen is easily and quickly absorbed in the stomach. In addition, it quickly reaches the maximum concentration level. Depending on the dosage in which you are taking the drug, it can be excreted from the body within three to eighteen days.

Experts recommend taking this drug in a dosage of 10 to 20 milligrams per day to achieve maximum effect. To get the maximum effect from the intake, do not forget that all AAS metabolites must be completely removed from the body. Only then will the use of Tamoxifen show its efficiency.

What are the potential side effects?

Before you buy Tamoxifen for PCT, be sure to know the possible side effects of taking it. Side effects from taking Tamoxifen in men can be as follows:

  • Decrease in the indicator of the weight of the testicles, seminal vesicles;
  • Dysfunction of the liver;
  • Drop in glucose levels;
  • Decrease in the number of leukocytes, etc.

What is the safest way to buy Tamoxifen online in the USA?

At, we guarantee the safety and quality of each of our products. We ensure that we source goods only from reliable manufacturers with a reputation for the high-quality production of pharmaceutical drugs. All products are original and many can be verified on the manufacturer’s official website using special codes on their packaging. We are proud to say that you can find Tamoxifen for sale at a great price in our online store and buy it here with complete confidence.

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