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Author: Gregory Fighter

How to pump up the lower abdominal muscles?

Pumping up the lower abs Pumping up defined lower abdomen muscles is actually not easy. Anyone who has already faced this task will understand this. It’s not just about proper stimulation and the desire to have a beautiful flat stomach. Many people quit after several workouts, because they do not see the results quickly. And […]

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How to correctly perform abdominal crunches?

Before discussing the topic of how to do abdominal crunches correctly, it should be noted that not only certain workouts affect the creation of an attractive definition on the abdomen. When you set a goal to achieve musclular cubes on the abs, first of all you should think about a diet to get rid of […]

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How to inject insulin for bodybuilding?

Insulin is a transport hormonal substance synthesized by the cellular structures of the pancreas. The main function of this substance is to reduce the level of sugar in the blood. With its powerful anabolic properties, insulin has become a very popular drug among professional bodybuilders. It is also worth noting that it also has strong […]

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