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Exercises at home for men: Strength exercises with dumbbells

Exercises at home for men: Strength exercises with dumbbells

Home exercise complexes for men are very popular. This is due to many factors, for example, lack of financial ability to attend the gym, constraint, lack of time. In order to perform daily workouts at home, men just need to purchase dumbbells and a gym mat to start building up their muscles form home.

Home workout rules

Exercise to maintain physical fitness will not help if you do not adhere to a number of rules:

  • Exercise should be regular. You can’t do it once a month, as it will be ineffective. It is better to draw up a schedule where classes will be given 3-4 times a week. It is not necessary to force yourself to train for 1-1.5 hours. Enough is 25-30 minutes of daily workouts.
  • All muscle groups should work. It is important to alternate exercises for different muscles so that they develop evenly. Otherwise, some muscles will be overstrained, while others will be too relaxed and this is not good for the body.
  • You need to do it in clothes that do not hinder your movements: loose pants or a T-shirt will do. Even home workouts are best done in sneakers in order to avoid joint problems in the future.
  • If you are thirsty during exercise, consume no more than 1 glass during your workout, you need to take small sips. You can drink a whole glass of water 20-30 minutes before starting your workout to avoid dehydration.
  • You cannot eat food an hour before the start of classes as this will worsen the digestion process, can cause discomfort in the stomach, belching, heartburn, and increased gas formation.
  • The duration of the workout depends on the intensity and pace of the selected exercise. At home, it is easy for men to get carried away, as no one controls them, time is not limited and as a result, you can overdo it or, conversely relax, which is also not good. If the goal is to lose weight, then the workout should last at least 40 minutes. Strength exercises can be set aside 20-30 minutes depending on physical fitness.
  • Before starting classes, you should always take time to warm up. The muscles should be warmed up for 7-10 minutes. It is also necessary to complete with a cool down so that the muscles stretch and relax after the training session is complete.

To add the finishing touches and to gain more motivation to train, often the non-steroidal Clenbuterol is used in order to promote fat burning and also to improve the cardiac system to provide greater lung capacity within your workouts.

Benefits of home workouts

Why is exercise at home good? Both men and women choose home workouts because they have several benefits:

  1. No need to waste time getting to the gym.
  2. With regular training, excess weight is lost, the body is toned and looks fit.
  3. There is no need to pay for a subscription.
  4. You can purchase the minimum inventory or go first without it.
  5. Exercises are aimed at all muscle groups, special attention can be paid to problem areas.
  6. Exercises can be chosen independently based on physical fitness and training goals.
  7. You can avoid unnecessary embarrassment, because at home no one sees how you are doing within your workouts.

Cons of home workouts

A set of exercises for men at home can be performed, but no one will tell you if the technique suffers when performing the movements. This is the main disadvantage of home workouts. In addition, visiting the gym is obliging and disciplining, home workouts are often missed due to household worries. And in sports, regularity is important.

To gain more of a hold on your training, often substances are used to allow the body to gain greater abilities. Mostly within home workouts for the abdomen, cutting agents are used to increase strength, definition, endurance and reduce the recovery times. The most popular oral agents for home workouts are Sustanon 250, Andriol, Astralean or Anavar. With the use of these oral agents for only a few weeks, a user can gain all of these benefits and progress much faster within their workouts. The end result will be lean, hard and defined muscle mass growth.

Cardio based exercises form home

A set of exercises for men at home, aimed at losing weight and reducing body fat:

  1. Jumping with arms and legs. This exercise works out all muscle groups, burns as many calories as possible. You need to do at least 20 repetitions for the lesson to have an effect. It will be difficult for beginners to perform the exercise at first, but gradually the body gets used to the stress. During the exercise, the back should remain straight, the gaze is directed straight. The wider the legs are spread during the jump, the greater the result will be.
  2. Jumping rope. An alternative to the previous exercise, but it is better to jump on the street or garden and not in the house. Rope exercises can be alternated also.
  3. Jumping to the side. The arms are located along the body, the legs are closed, but so as not to fall (not wider than the pelvis). 20 repetitions will be enough.
  4. Jump squat. The exercise is difficult, and it will be quite difficult for a beginner to perform it. First you need to work out the technique, sit down so that your knees do not protrude beyond the feet, then push off with your feet and jump up, stretching your arms, return to the starting position of the squat.
  5. Rugby Union. The exercise is safe but effective. For 30-60 minutes, you need to box with legs wide apart, knees slightly bent.

Exercises for the abdominal muscles

Exercises for the abdomen for men are performed with strict adherence to the technique, otherwise, if the approach is wrong, the muscles can be damaged.

  1. Raises of the legs and arms. Lie on the floor, press your lower back firmly, your back is straight, your neck is not tense. Raise your legs up to an accessible level, they should be straight, and raise your arms slightly above chest level. Alternately stretch your arms to your legs, while the shoulder blades come off the floor.
  2. The simplest and most effective abdominal exercise. The legs are bent at the knees, the arms are behind the head. The shoulder blades are slightly torn off the floor, the abdominal muscles are tense, the arms do not help to hold the body, the neck is relaxed, the gaze is directed upward. The legs are lifted off the floor at an angle, simulating the movement of the torsion of the bicycle pedals.
  3. Curl sit up extensions. Hands behind the head, legs bent at the knees. The body rises smoothly up to the knees, hands do not help in raising the body, only the abdominal muscles works. It is important to avoid sudden movements. If you cannot immediately lift the body all the way to the knees, you can start with slight twists, when only the shoulder blades come off the floor.

Exercises for the abdomen for men (as well as women, however) are important to perform correctly and smoothly so as not to injure themselves. Initially, you need to perform them, carefully following the technique, only after that you need to work for the result, which you increase the number of approaches or use weights. An improperly performed exercise can be harmful, so the correct technique is key.

Back muscle exercises

Back muscle exercises at home for men:

  • Not only the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and legs work, but also the back is involved. Muscles are strengthened and the posture is leveled. You need to stay in the plank position from 20 to 60 seconds. The exercise can be done 5-6 times a week to achieve results. The result will be visible in a couple of weeks. The plank is performed with support on the elbows and toes. If it is difficult to be in this position, the first times you can stand on outstretched arms. Then gradually increase the load. You can start with 10 seconds, gradually increasing this time.
  • Strength exercises with dumbbells for men can also be done at home. You need to take dumbbells in each hand, it is better to take a small weight at first, but the load should gradually increase. Sit down slightly, legs bent at the knees, feet do not protrude beyond the knees. The body is tilted forward, the arms are bent at the elbows and then extend your arms forward, they should be straight. Repeat 15-20 times.

Leg exercises

The most effective exercise is the chair. It is static, but after doing it daily, it will become noticeable how the legs and buttocks change their shape, become stronger and more muscular.

To perform the exercise, you need to firmly press your back against the wall, you cannot tear the tailbone, shoulder blades from the surface. Roll down with your knees bent at right angles. Hands can rest on your knees or hang them down. You need to sit on an imaginary chair for 20-60 seconds. The exercise can be performed 5-6 times a day, be sure to give the muscles rest for 1 day.

Exercises for the gluteal muscles

Exercises at home for men to “pump” their glute muscles:

  • The traditional exercise is squats. You can take dumbbells in your hands so that the exercise is as effective as possible, but for beginners it is better to first learn how to perform it without weights. The back should remain straight, the legs should be bent at the knees so that the latter do not protrude beyond the feet, the pelvis is pulled back during squatting. You need to do at least 20 repetitions at a time.
  • Glute bridge. It is performed lying on the floor, arms are placed along the body, legs are bent at the knees. At the exit, the pelvis rises up to the maximum available height, while inhaling, it goes down, but does not touch the floor. During the exercise, support is on the heels, and not on the entire foot. The back does not come off the floor.
  • Leg kicks. To perform the exercise, you need to rest your elbows and knees on the floor. The heels hit the floor. The bent leg at the knee rises up to the maximum level and drops to its original position. The movements should not be sharp, as the exercise is performed smoothly. For each leg, you need to do 15-20 repetitions. When the technique is mastered and the muscles do not feel tension, weights can be added onto the legs.

Hand strength exercises

Some of the most effective exercises for getting your arms in shape are push-ups and pull-ups. Their regular implementation will help remove sagging skin, tone the muscles. In addition, pulsating exercises can be performed. In each hand, you need to take dumbbells and stretch your arms in different directions, as if stretching yourself. Slightly lower and raise your arms up, as if they were pulsing.

Also, with dumbbells, you can perform circular movements with your hands, the amplitude of the circle should be small. These exercises are not difficult to perform, but they tighten the muscles of the arms well.

Exercises for the chest

The dumbbell press from the chest is the most common exercise. Weight should be chosen based on your physical fitness, it is better to start with small weights, for example, 1.5-2kg. Lying on the floor, arms are raised and lowered, bending at the elbows. You can also spread them apart, feeling the tension in the chest muscles. Gradually, the weight of the dumbbells increases. Increase the load about once every 3-5 months to achieve the result.

There are many exercises available to do at home for men – for the abdominal muscles, legs, buttocks, and other parts of the body. You need to choose which of them to perform on your own, based on physical fitness and goals which include whether to build muscle or lose weight. Using training aids to make the workouts more effective will bring on must faster results if all of the following recommendations are followed. You can find these helpful training aids within our online pharmacology store with further information on their uses and many great benefits!

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