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How to correctly perform abdominal crunches?

How to correctly perform abdominal crunches?

Before discussing the topic of how to do abdominal crunches correctly, it should be noted that not only certain workouts affect the creation of an attractive definition on the abdomen. When you set a goal to achieve musclular cubes on the abs, first of all you should think about a diet to get rid of fatty layer that hides the muscles.

How to correctly perform abdominal crunches

Abs consist of straight and oblique muscles. In the rectus muscle, it is customary to allocate the upper and lower abs. As a rule, the upper abs is a four of cubes located on top of the stomach, and the lower ones, of course are everything that is located below.

The upper muscles work more effectively when the movements are performed by the upper part of the body with the legs fixed and motionless.

To work out the lower abs, you should make movements with your legs and pelvis, leaving the upper part of the body in a static position.

To work out the abs, various exercises have been developed. Some of them are easy and acceptable even for beginners, while others, on the contrary, are characterized by increased complexity.

Some of the exercises are dynamic. They are performed in constant motion. There are also static exercises. They are done without movement, frozen in a certain position for some time, creating a load on the necessary muscles.

To help and build the abdominal muscles faster, many athletes use training aid supplements in order for them to gain the enhanced muscle growth. For mass increases in muscle growth, often Anadrol or Dianabol tablets are used for beginner athletes who wish to gain an increase in their muscle mass.

Training plan for the abs:

* First of all, the efforts should be directed to getting rid of excess fat in the abdominal area, following a diet and giving the body extra cardio loads.

* It is necessary to strengthen the muscular frame of the body and work out the internal muscles of the abs by performing static exercises.

* The last is the so-called strength exercises for the abs, which will create the cubes.

The fatty layer that covers the abdomen can become quite the issue for many athletes and due to this, fat burning agents are used alongside a good diet and training program. For toning the abdomen, Clenbuterol is used to reduce the fatty layer that hides the muscles of the abdomen. But this will only work for those users who do not have a high percentage of subcutaneous fat. For users who are carrying higher weight loads, Clenbuterol should be used alongside T3. With this combination of training aids, a majorly overweight user can shed their fatty mass within the space of a few months rather than years! This will allow them to reduce their body fat percentage in order to start with these needed abdominal exercises.

Abs exercises

Scientists claim that the most effective dynamic exercises to strengthen the muscles of the abs are leg lifts in the hang and a “bicycle”. With the exact observance of the technique of implementation, the muscle fibers of the abs are involved in twice the volume compared to the tension when twisting lying down or using a fit ball.

It is important to remember that the correctness of the technique with which you work out, and a conscious feeling of tension of the muscles of the abs is in the first place and the exercises you choose are less important. So technically correct twists will bring much more benefit to the development of the abs than lifting the legs in the hang, which is performed with the bending of the whole body.

Twists are used by both beginners and advanced athletes. For direct twisting, the body is pulled towards the pelvis, for lateral twisting, a left or right turn is added to the pull-up. With the first type of twisting, the load is carried out on the rectus muscle (the middle part of the abdomen), with the second type, the oblique muscles (lateral segments) are strained.

Twisting refers to dynamic exercises for the abs. They should be performed smoothly and rhythmically. Often, 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions are done. The exercises are done lying on your back. The body does not completely come off the floor, only the back is raised up to the shoulder blades area inclusively. When performing full body lifts, part of the load will go to the back.

Dynamic abs training mainly involves the rectus and oblique muscles (external abdominal muscles), minimally affecting the deep muscles of the body, as well as the oblique and transverse muscles located inside.

The most effective training of the transverse muscles of the abs is carried out when performing various static exercises aimed at including the stabilizing muscles of the body in the work. These include different versions of elbow stands, for example, the well-known “plank”.

To promote the muscle’s definition and lean gain within these exercises, many athletes use Sustanon or Winstrol tablets in order to achieve this goal in good time. For females, Anavar is used to gain this lean mass and definition. With a few months of their use, an athlete can expel all of the water and fatty mass from the body and be left with a tight, hard and defined abdomen.

The most effective exercises for the abs

Lifting the legs in the hang

This exercise is the most effective. There are different variations of its implementation, each of them is effective. The exercise refers to those, the severity of the performance of which is proportional to the effectiveness. The abs are involved entirely, and the lower part is tensest. However, the division of the abs into upper and lower is conditional.

Twisting forward

When performing this exercise, the upper parts of the abdomen are perfectly worked out. It can be performed both sitting on a bench and on the floor (using only its own weight, without extra weight loads). You can use a trainer, which will allow to adjust the load, increasing it by 20-30% of its weight.

Static tension

Statics is performed in a number of variations, among which there are exercises with a fit ball (a large soft ball) and other equipment that allows to provide an unstable support so that you have to keep balance on it. Only balance and statics allow to create a load that can involve the deep muscles of the abs in the work.

The muscles of the abs, like any other, need high-quality recovery, the only way they can grow effectively. Therefore, it is necessary to take two-three-day breaks between workouts.

To strengthen the muscles of the abs, intensity is extremely important. This means that the total number of movements performed is not as important as how intensively you work for a short period of time (5-10 minutes).


Now we have covered the basics of the abdomen crunches and workouts, you should be able to pump your abs well and gain those muscular cubes that many athletes desire.

Although this is the most efficient way of losing the fatty layer and promoting the abdominal muscle growth naturally, this is not the most effective way. For the most effective way of losing the fatty layer and gaining those muscular cubes, training aid supplements are used. A little fact that not many people know of is that all of the fitness models and even maybe many within your own gym use supplements to gain their slim and defined figures.

This is due to sports pharmacology becoming widely used around the world as the substances become safer and more effective day by day. One of the mainly used substances within this field is HGH. Human Growth Hormone can provide many great health benefits as well as promoting fat loss and a defined physique. You can find these substances within our online sports pharmacology store with more information on their specific uses and many great benefits for the user. Select the correct training program, the correct diet, the correct substance for your training outcomes and watch the results come within weeks! Check this article to know how insulin inject in body building?

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