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Androxine (Trenbolone Suspension) Review

Androxine (Trenbolone Suspension) Review

Androxine, manufactured by Alpha Pharma, contains the active substance Trenbolone Suspension, which is a modified version of the Nandrolone molecule.  It is characterized by the introduction of a double bond between carbons 9 and 11 that inhibits the effects of aromatase, and therefore protects the steroid from converting into estrogens.  The described changes completely neutralize the possibility of aromatization in Trenbolone in contrast to Nandrolone (which, though slowly, but is capable of conversion).  The 11-12 bond additionally increases its cohesiveness with androgen receptors. Trenbolone is a more active androgen and shotgun all the anabolic than Nandrolone. The molecular formula of pure trenbolone is the following – while it is C18H22O2 molecular weight is 270,38.  The specificity of Androxine is that in the drug there is no ether attached to the molecule that prolongs the release time of the drug and if in 100 mg of Trenbolone Enanthate 28 of them occupies the ether mass, then in 100 mg of Trenbolone Suspension there will be exactly 100 mg (in the event that the manufacturer does not deceive its customers), thus the action of the steroid will be rapid and its concentration in the blood will increase avalanche-like.

Historical Information Androxine (Trenbolone Suspension)

Historical Information

There are three major esterified forms of Trenbolone that exist: Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone Enanthate, and Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate.   The most popular and most widely used of the three is the fast-acting acetate variant.  Trenbolone’s history generally begins in 1967 where it was studied repeatedly in France by Roussel-UCLAF.  It was eventually picked up by Hosescht in England and manufactured in its acetate ester format, and sold under the brand name of Finajet. In France, Roussel marketed it as Finaject.  Both companies were in reality owned and operated by Roussel AG of Germany.  Both brand names of the same product (Trenbolone Acetate) were used on the prescription drug market as human grade medicines before they were discontinued and disapproved for use in humans towards the 1980s.  Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate was sold under the brand name Parabolan as well during this time before encountering the same fate as the other two in the 1990s. You may also like: Best Oral Steroids for Bodybuilding

Today, Tren remains officially utilized as a veterinary drug, mostly in the application of promoting mass in cattle used to provide food.  It remains a compound of interest to the medical industry; however, as scientific studies continue to continue with Trenbolone, with scientists discovering new applications for human use and recommending its re-introduction as a human grade medicine. To date, however, Trenbolone is still unapproved for human use by the FDA and all current Trenbolone products are generally underground lab (UGL) products.

Pharmacological Action

The chemical modifications result in Trenbolone becoming dramatically more potent of an androgen and an anabolic than its progenitor hormone Nandrolone, or even Testosterone. Testosterone is used as the baseline reference by which all other anabolic steroids are measured against and compared to.  Androxine has both intense anabolic and androgenic effects.  Like its esterified brothers, Trenbolone Suspension is weakly active in the prostate and skin, so in the case of moderate doses, most users will not experience the loss of hair (unless predisposed to male pattern baldness), acne or oily skin.   Androxine requires control of the level of prolactin by the host athlete as it can affect the libido, but in most cases it grows significantly on the contrary.  More strongly expressed is the ability of Trenbolone stabilization of the androgen receptor on the surface of the cell nucleus which allows the user to judge its outstanding anabolic properties.  The androgenic properties of the suspension Androxine are significantly higher than those of the testosterone which implies the need for special attention of self-control in the athlete (most often used phenibut, glycine, and Valerian to relieve anxiety and improve sleep).  It should also be mentioned that Trenbolone has an outstanding property to stimulate the secretion of insulin-like growth factor.

We can put Trenbolone’s anabolic and androgenic strength into perspective by comparing it to Testosterone.  Testosterone possesses an anabolic and androgenic rating of 100 each, respectively. Trenbolone holds an anabolic and androgenic rating of both 500 each, respectively.  The modification responsible for making Trenbolone five times stronger than Testosterone is its two double bonds at carbons 19 and 11.   In simple terms, what this means is that every potential Trenbolone user will need to figure out that in order to achieve the equivalent strength of 200mg of Trenbolone, he/she would have to administer 1,000mg of Testosterone.  In order for an individual to achieve the strength of 500mg of Trenbolone, the equivalent of 2,500mg of Testosterone would be required.  Hopefully this helps you get a better understanding of just how powerful of a steroid Androxine really is.

Steroid Profile of Trenbolone Suspension

Steroid Profile of Trenbolone Suspension

The activity level of this substance is 24-39 hours (meaning the approximate time of excretion of the steroid, Testosterone Suspension,  since the half-life of the steroid is  6 hours, that is, after the introduction of 100 mg of Trenbolone Suspension after 6 hours will be only 50 mg, etc. until the complete utilization of the steroid).

  1. Classification: Steroid Anabolic / Androgenic origin;
  2. Method of use: Injection;
  3. Dosage: Men 50 to 100mg per day / Women not recommended (but some will tolerate);
  4. Acne: sometimes, depending on the predisposition
  5. Water delay: No
  6. High blood pressure: Yes
  7. Hepatotoxicity: No
  8. Aromatase: No
  9. Progestogenic activity: Present;
  10. DHT(dehydrotestosterone) conversion: No;
  11. Reduced HPTA function (self-testosterone production): Yes;
  12. Anabolic activity (400%)\ Androgenic activity (200%)
  13. Detection time –varies on the form of trenbolone (4-5 weeks or up to 5 months).

Androxine Effects

●       Increased muscle mass;

●       An increase in the power with weight training;

●       Increases the levels of IGF-1 which is essential for growth and recovery;

●       Promotes fat burning;

●       Increased libido during the cycle and a significant drop after the cycle;

●       Reduces cortisol levels;

●       Increases red blood cell count for maximum oxygen disbursement throughout the body;

●       Increases nitrogen retention;

●       Increased rate of protein synthesis.

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How to take Androxine (Trenbolone Suspension)?

There is a reason and logic behind Trenbolone dosages.  It is very important that a beginner Trenbolone user should never be a beginner anabolic steroid user – the distinction between the two should be broken down.  Beginner or first-time Trenbolone users should always have a decent amount of experience and cycles under their belt prior to the use of Trenbolone. Trenbolone itself is not a compound for beginner anabolic steroid users.

Any individual looking to utilize Trenbolone for the first time should always have enough experience to understand their own body and how it reacts to the various beginner and intermediate level anabolic steroids
A beginner and first-time user of Trenbolone can consider Trenbolone doses at 300mg weekly to be a sufficient amount of the steroid.  Some first-time Trenbolone users have reported satisfying physique changes from even 200mg per week of Trenbolone.  Going above the 300mg weekly range of Trenbolone is almost always unnecessary, as no first-time or beginner Trenbolone user should require doses as high as 400 or 500mg weekly.

Intermediate Trenbolone doses fall in the range of 400 – 500mg weekly, with most intermediate users generally sticking to the 400mg weekly mark.  Rarely should any intermediate Trenbolone user require anything higher than 500mg per week.  Advanced Trenbolone users should be considered the most experienced of Trenbolone use, and have complete understanding of not only Trenbolone itself but how their body reacts i to Trenbolone.  Advanced users have been known for using high Trenbolone doses, but this is rare.  In such cases, advanced users have dosed as high as 800 – 1000mg or more per week of Trenbolone  With this having been established, it is important to remember: high Trenbolone doses are considered extremely dangerous and present increasing health risks to the human body and should not be attempted under any circumstances.

Side Effects of Androxine

Androxine is able to increase the level of prolactin in the blood. This circumstance may cause such unwanted effects as: the inhibition of synthesis of testosterone and suppressing sexual libido.  Androxine also has the ability to develop several unwanted side effects such as gynecomastia (man boobs).  This will vary from person to person and will depend on the dosage taken as well as the tolerance level of the user.

Trenbolone Suspension is inherent in both anabolic and androgenic properties, and according to this in predisposed people Androxine can cause appropriate manifestations in the form of oily skin, acne and baldness even without converting the drug into DHT.  Since the steroid is not exposed to 5-alpha reductase, and can independently cause the expression of the androgen receptor gene (according to research Wilson, V. S.; Lambright, C; Ostby, J; Gray Jr published in 2002 in the journal of Toxicology), the intake of 5-alpha reductase inhibitors will not reduce the androgenic effects of the drug.  Of course, not all Trenbolone users will get acne and/or oily skin.  With the use of a good daily anti-acne cleansing face wash, individuals can cut down on the risk of developing bouts of acne not only on the face, but also on the back and shoulders.

Any steroid, including Androxine, is able to change the ratio of blood lipids, increasing the risk of atherosclerosis.  Because of its strong structure and resistance to metabolism, trenbolone has a negative effect on the regulation of cholesterol levels by the liver.  According to the feedback law, Trenbolone Suspension inhibits the production of tropic hormones LH and FSH in the brain which inhibits the production of its own testosterone.  Without proper Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)  it will take 4 to 16 weeks for it to return to normal (in the case of very long cycles, medical intervention may be required).  The structure of Trenbolone and its highly androgenic properties lead to the fact that the drop in the level of own testosterone is more noticeable than when using other anabolic steroids, hence the use of HCG
on the cycle becomes an even more urgent solution and PCT is a vital necessity.

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What is Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)?

Post Cycle Therapy or PCT is a process used by bodybuilders and athletes once a steroid cycle is complete.  When an individual uses anabolic androgenic steroids, the body’s natural hormone levels are changed.  Most anabolic steroids suppress our natural testosterone production to one degree or another, and if the user is not careful, estrogen and progesterone levels can increase beyond a healthy range.  Then the user reaches the point where his/her cycle has come to an end.  When the user stops his/her steroid use, testosterone levels are still in a suppressed state, and it’s often recommended to stimulate natural production and let your body normalize.  While testosterone stimulation is the primary purpose, the normalization factor of a post cycle therapy plan is greatly important.

The primary purpose of post cycle therapy is to stimulate your natural production of testosterone and shorten or enhance the total recovery process.   Without a proper PCT plan, it could easily take a year or more for the body’s natural levels to recover, and this is not only stressful to the body, it can lead to numerous low testosterone symptoms.

When to Begin PCT

Regardless of your steroid use, a PCT plan will always include a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM), and Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex) and Clomiphene Citrate (Clomid) will always be your best options. There is no need to use both at the same time.  Some choose to do so while others prefer to use one over the other.  We suggest to begin PCT three days after your last injection or oral steroid.  Whichever supplement you choose, PCT typically lasts up to four weeks.  Dosages of Nolvadex fall in the range of 40mg per day and Clomid at 50mg per day.  These doses are not set in stone and may vary from person to person.

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