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Oral Steroids for Muscle Building: Advantages and Disadvantages

Oral Steroids for Muscle Building: Advantages and Disadvantages

Today, the modern market has an abundance of various drugs to consume for all different purposes and goals.  Oral steroids are one of those drugs in the market.  Those who choose to use oral steroids are often novice athletes and bodybuilders in addition to those who are not comfortable with injectables.  Experienced athletes and bodybuilders may use a combination of both oral and injectable steroids.  Professional athletes or those who enter competitions most often choose injectables over oral steroids.

Novice athletes or bodybuilders who never used steroids before may be scared to inject themselves with any type of solution.  Instead of asking a friend or gym buddy to inject the steroid, the obvious choice for the individual becomes oral steroids.  By novice, we simply mean a beginner in the world of steroids.  One who has no experience with what steroids to take, how to take them or how long and at what dosage to take them.  For beginners, it often becomes trial and error.  You have to get your feet wet and do your homework on what steroids you want to take and what they will do to your body, both physically and mentally.  People who have taken steroids for a good part of their lives know all about each type of steroid and what it can do both on a positive note and a negative note.  Oral steroids for muscle building allow the body the opportunity to recover faster, engage much more intensely and to be much more mobile and endurance.

Most Popular Oral Steroids for Muscle Building

The best oral steroids according to professionals are well-known:

●       Anadrol (Oxymetholone);

●       Anavar (Oxandrolone);

●       Dianabol (Methandienone);

●       Turinabol (4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone);

●       Winstrol (Stanozolol Oral).

Most oral steroids for muscle building have analogues in injectable form, this allows you to make a choice if you know the pros and cons of different forms of drugs.  What users may not realize is that the oral form of the steroid works almost, if not, identical to the injectable form.  It comes down to personal preference.

Advantages of Oral Steroids

When speaking about oral steroids, it is important to highlight the advantages:

Benefits of taking oral steroids:

●       It is psychologically easier to start with pills, and this is not an unimportant factor.  If you work hard on yourself for a long period of time and your results have stopped it may be time to consider steroids.  This is where the oral form of steroids comes into play.

●       Tablets are much more practical to use because there are no syringes, no injections, no unnecessary questions from roommates or spouses about the pills.  It is easier to say that you take vitamins.  Orals are much easier to hide than the injectable form.

●       The oral form of steroids is included in the work quickly,  Sometimes, depending on the steroid you are taking, the effects can be felt quicker than when taking injectable steroids. Due to the fact that the drugs begin to work immediately they have a short period of action. And in order to maintain a constant concentration in the body, the reception should be divided into several parts, morning, afternoon and evening.  Not all oral steroids need to be broken down into three times a day.  It all depends on what you are taking and the total daily dosage.

●       Oral steroids are usually the choice for fighters, swimmers, athletes who do not have the time or patience to mess with injectable steroids.  The results can be obtained fairly decent for the athlete.

●       In tablets, the detection period on doping tests is much shorter than that of injection counterparts. Thanks to this, athletes can come up to the competition in their best shape.  Of course it is good to note that each steroid, whether oral or injectable, carries a different half-life and detection time.  Experienced steroid users who compete in drug-tested competitions know first hand about half-lives and detection times.

Disadvantages of Oral Steroids

Of course, oral steroids have their drawbacks (in comparison with injectable):

The first is that the oral steroids for muscle building begin to affect the body only after passing through the liver cleaning.  Therefore, anabolics are considered dangerous
(but they are dangerous only if they are taken in a huge dosage and for a long time).  If these points are taken into account and the user approaches this carefully, decent results will be made while maintaining your health.  Those who are predisposed to liver damage are at a higher risk of feeling the stress to the liver.  Over time, liver damage can be serious.

The second is their effectiveness.  The bottom line is that through intramuscular injections, the drug enters the body and bypasses the treatment of the liver.  Oral steroids have to first pass through the liver before entering the body.  When this happens, to some extent, the effectiveness of the oral steroid can be lessened.

Finally, a disadvantage of oral (and injectable) steroids is the physical harm to the body such as acne, body hair growth, baldness, oily skin, water retention, aggression and irritability (to name a few).  These are side effects associated with steroids that we have already touched on.

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