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Primo Tabs

Primo Tabs


Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Category: Oral Steroids
Substance: Methenolone acetate (Primobolan)
Package: 25mg (50 pills)


What are Primo Tabs by Alpha Pharma?

Primobolan (Primo Tabs) is a mild drug that is used by men and women. With this drug, you will be able to improve the overall look of your body and get yourself ready for competitions. This Primobolan product by Alpha Pharma comes in tablet form and each tablet contains 25mg of the active substance Methenolone Acetate.

The anabolic and androgenic properties of this drug are weak and for this reason, it has a mild effect on the body. Due to the minimized androgenic activity of this drug, female athletes usually use it.

The biggest advantage of the drug is the absence of aromatization. Due to that, it is actively used in cycles for cutting or when trying to gain high-quality mass. The user does not have to fear such side effects as gynecomastia and high puffiness due to water retention in the body.

What are the effects?

  • The half-life of oral Primobolan is 5 hours.
  • Metabolites of the tablet drug can be detected for 6 weeks during doping control.
  • During a solo cycle with the drug, it is almost impossible to gain muscle mass. All of the positive effects felt during the cutting period.
  • Physical parameters are significantly increased.
  • Metabolic reactions are accelerated.
  • Strong anti-catabolic effect.

What dosages should be used?

For men, we recommend 50 – 100 mg daily for beginners. Intermediate to advanced athletes may use between 100 – 200 mg per day.

A few days after the cycle has come to an end, (PCT) should begin.

The drug should not be taken for more than 2 months because there is an increased risk of side effects, and it will reduce the drug’s effect. Primobolan tablets are very effective during cutting and when they are used, you are able to protect the muscle mass from catabolism.

What can you stack Primobolan with?

Great combinations are Primobolan with Testosterone, Methandienone, and Nandrolone. These combinations will allow you to gain high-quality mass.

For lean mass cycles, Primobolan stacked with any Winstrol or Halotestin steroid can create well-defined muscle mass.

What are the potential side effects?

This drug is one of the safest steroids and it is not able to significantly suppress the work of the pituitary fossa. Extended use of the drug at 50mg means that testosterone production will decrease by half, but it can be restored after 7-14 days.

Side effects from the use of the drug are extremely rare.

What is the safest way to buy Primobolan online in the USA?

At, we guarantee the safety and quality of each of our products. We ensure that we source goods only from reliable manufacturers with a reputation for the high-quality production of pharmaceutical drugs. All products are original and many can be verified on the manufacturer’s official website using special codes on their packaging. We are proud to say that you can find Primobolan for sale at a great price in our online store and buy it here with complete confidence.

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