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How to correctly perform abdominal crunches?

Before discussing the topic of how to do abdominal crunches correctly, it should be noted that not only certain workouts affect the creation of an attractive definition on the abdomen. When you set a goal to achieve musclular cubes on the abs, first of all you should think about a diet to get rid of […]

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How to inject insulin for bodybuilding?

Insulin is a transport hormonal substance synthesized by the cellular structures of the pancreas. The main function of this substance is to reduce the level of sugar in the blood. With its powerful anabolic properties, insulin has become a very popular drug among professional bodybuilders. It is also worth noting that it also has strong […]

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Buy Methandienone online in Australia: Methandienone Injectable: The Impact Diet Whey? – Anwar Landmark

Contents Workout – Mike (from Fabulous Dbol) Kinnikuman Injectable Methandienone online in Australia Grand Prix Max The Mountain Specials Injectable Methandienone online in Australia Model above 170 cm – Jerai Classic Grand 2018 Bernard Hopkins Boxing Training Highlights | Madness Dianabol pills Boss, Big Pecs, Arrogant attitude. Ask why am I singing praises to Injectable […]

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How to take Tamoxifen in bodybuilding after a cycle

We touch on one popular topic about tamoxifen. Here we will not go into scientific details only on the merits. The theme is “How to take tamoxifen in bodybuilding after the cycle.” Indeed, how? To be extremely precise, this is called post-cycle therapy or PCT. Tamoxifen is an aromatase inhibitor or otherwise an anti-estrogen. During the cycle, any anabolic drug […]

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Five Pivotal Bodybuilding Lessons

From 40 years experience, here are five of the key bodybuilding lessons I’ve learned: BODYBUILDING LESSON #1 For much of my youth, muscles were more important to me than everything else in my life.  I craved to be a professional bodybuilder.  My school work, social activities, and sports were neglected because of my all-consuming quest […]

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Best Oral Steroids for Bodybuilding

There are certain oral steroids that are considered better for bodybuilding than others.  When we speak about the best oral steroids for bodybuilding we can safely say that this category is restricted to the following oral steroids: Turinabol, Oral Stanozolol or Methandienone.  These steroids quite often form the basis of most steroid cycles for beginners […]

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Androxine (Trenbolone Suspension) Review

Androxine, manufactured by Alpha Pharma, contains the active substance Trenbolone Suspension, which is a modified version of the Nandrolone molecule.  It is characterized by the introduction of a double bond between carbons 9 and 11 that inhibits the effects of aromatase, and therefore protects the steroid from converting into estrogens.  The described changes completely neutralize […]

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25 top tips for how to build muscle mass

Muscle mass, what exactly is it?  There are three different types of muscles in the human body: Cardiac muscles, smooth muscles and skeletal muscles.  Cardiac muscles are found only in the heart where they line the walls and work to pump blood throughout our bodies.  They are completely involuntary in that we do not consciously […]

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What is Testobolin (Testosterone Enanthate)?

Testoblin is developed and produced by Alpha Pharma labs which is a well-known popular health and pharmaceuticals company.   Testoblin is one of its many ananbolic androgenic steroids that is used by fitness gurus, bodybuilders and athletes to increase muscle mass among other things. Experienced weightlifters and bodybuilders know this steroid as Testosterone Enanthate.  This is […]

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